With the British Fashion Council’s stellar London Fashion Week SS 20 just a few short months away, anticipation looms surrounding the upcoming season’s collections. Designers have always utilized fashion as a platform to express their sentiments or to make bold statements. One such designer is Ashish Gupta.  The verbally and creatively outspoken Gupta has demonstrated time and again how to perfectly deliver impact through fashion.

The Dehli born designer has never shied away from controversy, allowing his creativity to verbalize his angst on certain global topics such as immigration or diversity.  When Gupta was criticized for having multi-ethnic models sport traditional Indian inspired headpieces and accessories, he was quoted saying, “I take pride in living in a diverse society and I think that needs to be reflected on the runway.”


Given the political climates in both the United States and the United Kingdom, especially with a possible No Brexit deal on the horizon, it will be interesting what trailblazers like Gupta show on the catwalk to let the political world know that fashion will always have a story to tell and will never be silenced. That alone makes every season worth it. Cudos to BFC and LFW for having a highly visible platform that allow fashion creatives convey their art to go beyond clothing but to have a curated voice in being leaders of change.