After setting up shop in Copenhagen and expanding across the ocean to New York, where does a label like Han Kjobenhavn, who have been enjoying a slow build toward becoming one of menswear’s coolest names, go next?

Paris, of course. Specifically Le Marais, which is still at the epicenter of trend-driven shopping in the city. Han Kjobenhavn’s just-opened Parisian output on Rue des Rosiers is down the block from retail mainstays like COS and adidas, around the corner from the first French J.Crew location, and a short walk from boutiques from Carven, Nike LAB, and APC. d1691cd3d95122c8680271923d505fd2768aab92

But it wasn’t just the heavy foot traffic promised by the neighborhood that drew Han to their new storefront. Tim Faith Hancock, founder and owner of the brand, said Paris met a lot of their expansion ideals.

“We always have had a international approach when opening our stores,” he told us. “We want our stores to check multiple boxes such as PR, sales, and a city that we like.”

Fans of the sleek and minimalist design employed in the Copenhagen and Manhattan shops will recognize the aesthetic of the boutique, which has been updated with stone accents. For his part, Hancock wasn’t too concerned with fitting into the neighborhood’s pre-existing look and feel.

“We bring our Danish DNA,” he said. han-kjobenhavn-spring-2010-preview-2 han-kjobenhavn-spring-summer-2010-2

As has happened with each new Han Kjobenhavn opening, Hancock expects to speak to the in-the-know shopper from the beginning – “The fashion consumer and faster movers are always first,” he noted – before settling into his regular customer base.

And once that’s established, Hancock has his eyes on the next stop in his burgeoning retail empire: Hong Kong.

Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before Han Kjobenhavn is as ubiquitous as some of its neighbors in Le Marais.

Visit Han Kjobenhavn in Paris at 3 Rue des Rosiers.

 BY STEVE D. Via Capsule